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Computer Electric Kiln Operation

All times are set as hh:mm.

Delay - sets delay before kiln turns on.
Alarm - set to 9999 for no alarm.

Ramp Hold - set to 50 deg/hr to 200. Hold for 4 to 8 hrs. This is to take out all the moisture in the clay before proceeding up. Second segment: 150 deg/hr to 1200 degrees, no hold. Third segment: Cone 04 (bisque): 200 deg/hr to 1819 degrees, no hold.

Cone Fire - set to 04 for bisque, 06 for earthenware bisque or 06 glaze firing.

(Stoneware) Pugger Operation

Load clay - Load semi-hard clay into pugger by putting small clumps in. Mix for 2-5 seconds and reload pugger with more clay. Repeat process until pugger is pretty much full. You can load approximately 25-30 lbs (1 to 1 1/5 bags of clay) into the pugger for a load. It takes about 3 pug runs to do a entire plaster rectangular bat of clay.

Pug - Mix clay. Shut door, turn mixer on for 20-25 minutes. After mixing, you can leave the mixer on, but turn on the vacuum pump. The pump exhaust nozzle should be closed (at right angle to the hose). Put on pug exit cover and gasket and wait for vacuum to take hold (must go over 21 mm Hg on gauge for full vacuum. If vacuum doesn't hold try putting all weight on the loading door handle. Otherwise clean all door seals, and repeat. When vacuum is achieved, stop the mixer and change to pug. Don't take off the clay exit cover; it'll be removed with the first clay extrusion.

Place finished pug clay in clay source barrels, about 6 to 8 in long chunks (1-3 lbs each). | | All pictures and text are © copyrighted 1996-2001 by Min-Yen Kan | Generated on: Mon Jan 6 06:21:53 2003