Drying Pins on the ceiling. Nobody buys dryers, I wonder why.
Especially because it just so darn humid here. I was chatting with
David Hsu, another new faculty member, and he mentioned that he saw a
humidifier in Best Denki (one equivalent of Circuit City here in
Singapore). We thought that was extremely hilarious. What I
couldn't find was a dehumidifier. Which I think would be much more
useful here. I wonder whether people just run their A/C units all

So it took some work to open a mobile phone account here. They're
called handphones rather than cells or mobiles. Makes sense if you
think about the Chinese characters for it. I had to go back and forth
between downtown and the conference hotel twice in my attempts to get
the necessary paperwork done. They needed proof of billing address
but I had only recently established a bank account and residential
address (about 2 days ago) so it was hard to produce proof. I ended
up going to another shopping center about 15 minutes west of the
school to do bedding shopping before seeing another mobile shop in the
mall (the IMM mall for those who may know) and getting service there.
This other store accepted some my account opening paperwork to open
the service account.

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