So another thing that I figured out once my A/C units were installed
last week. They have a "dry mode" which I guess means that their
primary focus is to dehumify the room. That works quite well for the
three bedrooms but the main den (which I have also installed my study
doesn't have an air conditioning unit, and it is also way too large to
efficiently cool or dry down using the air-con units. So I'm doing
with the standing fans that are provided with the flat, and it works
out quite well, actually. I usually run the A/C in the bedroom for
about an hour before sleeping, and for another two hours while I'm
trying to sleep (there's a timer on the air/con units, they all have
remote controls -- I think this is pretty common in Asia but you
rarely see this in the States as we usually have central A/C and
heating via a thermostat. Well, there's no use for a heater here, and
A/C makes more sense to do on a room by room basis, so that's that.

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