There was a story in the English newspaper, the Straits Times, the
other day that discussed a man who lived on 200 a month. I don't
remember the details but it was as you can imagine, quite frugal,
since it included room and board. Rent here is probably a little
cheaper than in NYC but certainly more than in MD, a 3 BR flat similar
to the one I have will run you about 3 K per month. It costs me about
600 a month so it is quite well subsidized all things considered.
That's about 2 K to 2.5 K more per month or so that I save so it can
go back towards paying off the loan in a faster time. Yes, the total
time to pay back the loan is quite fast, so I can't complain at all,
given the number of you who are probably still paying back loans and
will continue to do so for a long time. I guess the profession that I
have right now earns the money, so I will take advantage of it as much
as possible.

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