Ann and Chi-Wah stayed with Shirley during their stay here. Shirley, or Shir, as Ann calls her, is probably one of the most adept people I have seen at making her guests seem especially welcome. Despite the fact that Singapore is a pretty tiny country, she managed to carve out a whole week's worth of activities for Ann, Chi-Wah and myself to try out. She invited all of us to a number of the end-of-the-year activities, including the regular tourists sights such as Sentosa (a historic island/fort turned into tourist beach land) and the downtown quay area but also a friend's BBQ and clubbing.

I had almost managed to thwart enjoying myself as I had managed to get a couple things wrong during Chi-Wah's and Ann's stay here. On the first night, I didn't receive her email (yep, it really never came), and didn't relize that we were all supposed to go to a club. Well, I had to go home to change and quickly come back to the club. In the following days, I (again) forgot to bring my long pants, lost my keys and managed to misplace the bug spray (for the night zoo tour, that's actually quite fun, although a bit pitiful for the animals I'm sure). In spite of that, it was a tremendously busy busy and social social week which made me feel very good to be around such a nice group of people.

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