Wandering around Singapore is fun and easy to do. You just have to be willing to walk. Locals here don't seem to be into walking much. They prefer the easy way of doing things. They will ignore staircases and head straight for the escalator. But then they will go to the gym to work out. I see this in the States too and have to wonder whether this makes much sense.

Here's a game you can play in Singapore. The only requirement is an EZ-link card, which allows you travel on city buses and subways. Optional is getting lost, asking strangers for directions and the Travellink guide, which gives you some limited access to bus stops and directions.

1) Do a random walk away from your starting point.
2) When you get tired, get on a bus. Look around, ignore the TV on the bus, and get acquainted with your surroundings.
3) Repeat as necessary.

4) When you are ready to go home, look up appropriate buses by asking around or using the Travellink guide to find a bus that comes close to your starting place.
5) Travel home.

I have played this game a couple times in order to find places here but it's always preferrable to have some local help. Alicia, a friend of mine who's local Singaporean, has helped me find over 200% more that I would have found on my own. That's not to say that going out to explore is irrelevant. It keeps me learning about where the myriad (200+ routes) go in their ways across the island-nation.

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