Yikes, the ceiling in the office is leaking.
Today happens to be
a) not a good day
b) Chinese (Lunar) new year eve
c) the SIGIR deadline
d) a day which I have not yet slept, or
e) all of the above.

6:00 am The ceiling starts leaking.
6:05 am I email the NUS SoC support staff. Hmm, I wonder if anyone is awake yet...
6:30 am I go outside my office and notice that the hallway door is also leaking, worse than in my office.
6:35 am So I go downstairs to talk to the security guards. He comes up and calls the NUS staff, which may take some time to arrive.
6:20 am I notice another water stain patch on the ceiling
6.45 am There are another two water stains on my ceiling. Only the big one is leaking so far.

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