JCDL note 2 : Bud Tribble

I Life - 3 parts all multimedia, all products centered around this
look at http://www.sims.berkeley.edu/how-much-info/
- paper bytes printouts of hd bytes (0.1% of hd printed out on paper)
- 800 MB per capita in 2002 (2GB now?)
- 30% growth rate per year

digital natives - can't pause tv
maine video - laptop for all 7th graders, oh cool factor - maine learns

sharing issues : 1) ipr as bottleneck (again) - bittorent 2) open standards
- itunes as sep app as d/l of mp3 ends up "somewhere" hard to find. target winamp
- every song purchased at least once (1.5M titles, 400M d/ls)
- music as example, both now look at ebooks and videos as next steps

searching issues:
metadata based - spotlight
annotation not done (really). need to rely on device or automatically generated metadata

- long term archiving
- legal framework for sharing
- open standards

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