JCDL notes

Keynote 1: Deanna B. Marcum, Associate Librarian for Library Services for LoC. DLI to a great whole. See Outsell, Inc. TrendAlert and Wade Roush, The Infinite Library. MIT Tech Rev.

LOC projects:
- American Memory, 3.4 B hits /y - visual materials for primarily targeted to schools.
- Global Gateways, for 60% of other collections - collab with other countries
- Veterans History Project
- Exhibitions: e.g. Lewis and Clark, Wright Bros.

But not a cohesive whole, but now initiatives going after unification:
e.g., The European Libraries (TEL) 9 libraries 11 M items. systematic unifications
DLF Aquifer for interop (using which techs?)
- 3 stages: 1 access, 2 special services, 3 modify and redeposit into local lib.

goal: universal access to all libs. how? 4 things:
1 update copyright (partially done by SPARC, Jstor and PLOS and now google)
2 long term preservation -
3 link library with dl - going beyond digitalization(?) - just the first stop of many
4 funding -

qs: what about personal collections? a: sure, will be framework for incorporation
q: funding, esp. wrt google's initiative a: mix of gov't and private sector and institution
q: linking portal an answer a: tech not a problem, collab a bottleneck
q: what's vision a: problem is common vision

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