Citeseer notes

uses apache rewrite to run cs script in bin/ directory.

Speedy checks and recompiles scripts in bin if necessary

cs just contacts queryd on backend host

need to kill queryd when change in query.pm is made and you want to force a new compile.

"details" query generates call to csd::GetDocument, which returns the metadata to be formatted by DocumentToHTML.

DocumentToHTML processes download information in DocumentDownloadBar(), which generates the right hand side of the blue title bar table. The cached document options are generated within this procedure by a call to CachedFileLink.

The URL metadata for the PDF file is generated by PSURL. The $url variable seems to hold the correct information.

$pdfurl and $psurl contain an extra "/$key.(ps|pdf)" for renaming the downloaded file with a new name.

These appear to be okay and should be used by the click on the "pdf" or "ps.gz" link to fetch a file directly from the archive; this action is invoked in bin/cs by the RedirectToURL function.

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