A certain friend here asked about the 'shock' of moving here from the U.S. and what I felt about it.

So here is part of the answer.

Yes, I agree with your points about moving to Asia... I will tell you that I have always had a bit of an identity crisis and I guess this happens to everyone who is multicultural or multiracial. Being in the U.S. as a minority, you feel a bit more unique and proud to have a different heritage than others around you. But I can understand now why so many people here dye their hair and change their appearance because they want to differentiate themselves from the masses (at least that is my impression) and thus why this is less popular in the States. Here, I feel less comfortable conversing in Chinese, whether it be Mandarin or Cantonese, because I find my skills at both are lacking. I think this type of uneasiness is important to experience because it forces one to grow to fit a new mould; to adapt into a new environment. It's more dynamic than a peaceful and relaxing experience, but for me, that is the choice that is right for me.

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